The Story Behind RECON Equipment

It is time to get to know Jim Schwarz the brain and brawn behind Recon Equipment. Jim is a seasoned refrigeration tradesman with over 30 years experience. He worked for the man for many years down in Vancouver, then 15 years ago he decided to move up to the Okanagan and start his own industrial refrigeration contracting company. Throughout the years of working with commercialized refrigeration equipment, Jim realized the benefits of used equipment but was frustrated that there was no place he could buy or sell used equipment, thus Recon Equipment was born! Recon is a family owned and operated business where Jim works with his wife and daughter. Jim Schwarz helps you buy and sell used refrigeration, electrical and HVAC equipment

Here are the services Recon offers:


RECON offers a free classifieds service for you to sell your new and used refrigeration, electrical and HVAC equipment as well as trades vehicles and tools. List your specialized equipment with RECON, a site taylored to the trades industry. Just set up an account with us and sell your equipment today.


Option 1: OWNER 40% and RECON 60%. RECON stores your equipment and deals with all inquiries and shipping. 

Option 2: OWNER 60% and RECON 40%. Owner stores their own equipment and RECON deals with all inquiries and assists with shipping. 


Do you have some unused equipment you would like to get rid of free of charge? RECON will come pick up your equipment and dispose of any environmentaly hazardous refrigerants and oils in the proper manner. This offer is for advertised items based upon condition and location.